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WOLF - Blurb
WOLF - Blurb
"Hell is other people." – Jean-Paul Sartre
An everyday bus trip from Vancouver, British Columbia to Edmonton, Alberta goes awry when the bus stops in the middle of nowhere. The only sign of human activity is the tiny sliver of road that cuts through the vast bronzed fields leading forever into the distance, entwining and becoming a part of the horizon in the imperceptible distance.
Everything seems to go all right for awhile. Until something quite curious appears to reprogram everyone's cell phones followed by a rather brutal murder in the middle of the night. This coupled with mysterious visions of a girl in white and shadow-like apparitions lead the group to question whether or not they're part of some sick reality show or something far darker…
Will the mismatched group of passengers - each with their own wants, needs, desires, and weaknesses - work together to find their way out of this mess or will they prove to be each other's worst n
:iconsuinia:Suinia 1 6
Project ???: Class Descriptions
(Levels 1-10.)
Can Advance to: MUSE, MERCENARY, SCOUT, PENITENT. (If special conditions are made they can also advance to MERCHANT, DRAGON RIDER and/or SPACE MAGE.)
Weapons Used: Slingshot, Wooden Sword, Warn Book, and/or Wooden Staff.
-No stats can be spent for the first ten levels and the default 'newbie' skills disappear after the first job change. (As in no points can be awarded to the classications of Stamina, Intelligence, Dexterity, Strength, Luck or Charisma.)
-Once the first job change requirement is met, the base-class skills of the WANDERER become unusable. The class tree in the 'Skills' tab literally disappears.
-All skills of the WANDERER come auto-leveled as their max level is 1/1.
-As such each of their skills are the first skills the various branching jobs receives. This is done as a sort of 'teaser' or 'taste' of the classes to come.
-Mental Blast -> Very short range, non-elemental
:iconsuinia:Suinia 0 0
??? Project: Class Trees
WANDERER → (Advances to either MUSE, MERCENARY, PENITENT, or SCOUT.) (If special conditions are made, WANDERER can lead to MERCHANT, DRAGON RIDER or SPACE MAGE as well.)
(WANDERER, however, is therefore the basic, first class everyone starts as.)
(Summoner Tree)
(Necromancer Tree)
(Duo-Handed Weapon Tree)
(Duo-Wielding Tree)
(Support Tree)
(Offensive Light Mage Tree)
(Bowman Tree)
(Gun-Wielding Tree)
(Specialized Bartering Class)
(Specialized Magic-Based Class)
:iconsuinia:Suinia 0 0
Your smile,                your  laugh,
Your        clear       blue       eyes
An. eternity. of happiness  in   the
                                 of an  eye.
For       once     I     thought   I...
You convinced me
:iconsuinia:Suinia 1 0
Scene a Day: 5
'SCENE' A DAY: Fictional Characters- 04/10/2011
The Lost Voices
Clytemnestra (Clyte) – The woman who took revenge against her husband, Agamemnon, for killing their daughter, Iphigenia. She has long, cascading, curly locks of dark brown hair as well as a proud and defiant expression on her face. Piercing amber eyes stare off into the distance as her bloodied hands, almost stained a crimson ferocity, clutch and embrace her daughter.
Iphigenia (Iph) –  The girl offered as a sacrifice to satiate Artemis' demands. She has quite short light-brown hair and wears a baggy saffron robe. Her eyes are binded with a thick bit of white wool. Dark red lifeblood trickles from behind her bandage down her face like tears. Faint sobbing can be heard occasionally as her mother tries to comfort her to no avail.
Pandora – The woman who was carved from clay by Hephaestus' hands but fated to bring about the fall of all due to her unfortunate curiosity. She has very long
:iconsuinia:Suinia 0 0
Scene a Day: 4
SCENE FOUR – Chance – 03/10/2011
Enter CHAD sitting next to a photocopier with several pieces of paper in his lap.
Enter KYLE after climbing a flight of stairs.
KYLE looks around, quite confused, and turns away from CHAD and begins to walk in that direction.

CHAD looks up.
CHAD: Kyle…?
KYLE looks around, wide-eyed.
CHAD: It's me, Chad.
KYLE: (Smiles) Oh hi! I was just… I didn't know where to meet…?
CHAD: Did you get my text?
KYLE looks confused, shakes his head.
CHAD takes out his cell phone.
KYLE takes out his as well.

KYLE: Is the number 555-5555?
CHAD: I have 555-5555.
KYLE: Weird… Well Rogers is acting really strange lately…
CHAD: Yeah. Totally dumped Rogers.
KYLE: That's a good choice. (Beat) Here let me send a test-text. What's your number?
CHAD: (777) 555-6666
KYLE writes it down in his cellphone.
CHAD: And what's your last name?
KYLE: Cod. Like the fish.
CHAD: Perfe
:iconsuinia:Suinia 0 0
Scene a Day: 3
SCENE THREE – Results  - 02/10/2011
KYLE sits on a bus with a few people scattered amongst the seats.
Suddenly KYLE's cell phone rings and he answers. CHAD is on the other end and is heard but not seen.

KYLE: Hello?

CHAD: Hey! This is Chad from the 4XX auditions. Is this Liam?
KYLE: Oh hi – and yes it is.
CHAD: We're just wondering if –
Whatever CHAD says is blocked out by the bus as it screeches to a stop.
KYLE: Hold on a sec. (KYLE stands up and gets off the bus.) I'm just getting off the bus. (To the bus driver.) Thank you! (Back to the phone.) Hello? Hello…? Chad?
KYLE examines the screen of his phone and sees that it disconnected.
After a split second the phone rings again.

CHAD: Sorry about that!
KYLE: It's all right – it's probably my fault. Rogers has been so weird lately…
CHAD: So anyways I was wondering if you'd be free on Friday to come in and
:iconsuinia:Suinia 0 0
Scene a Day: 2
SCENE TWO - Audition - 01/10/2011
Lights up with a table and three people sitting behind it. CHAD, ALICE, and ALEC.
ALEC has blonde hair with a T-Shirt and jeans as well as scruffy cheeks. CHAD has short-black-hair, slightly tanned skin, and is wearing sunglasses. ALICE has her black hair tied back in a ponytail with a navy-blue-t-shirt and sweat pants.
Enter RACHEL and KYLE.
ALEC: Hi and welcome to the Drama 4XX directorial auditions!
RACHEL: Hi! Nice to meet you.
ALEC: Did you fill out the availability form?
RACHEL: Yup – it's right here.
KYLE: I didn't finish yet – I just need to check some dates.
ALEC: All right. Okay. That's fine. (Beat.) So which faculty are you in?
RACHEL: Education – with a minor in Drama.
KYLE: Education. English Major Drama Minor.
CHAD: Nice! Some Eddies.
RACHEL: Hahaha
KYLE: Hahaha…
ALICE: So… Let's start with this. What was the most interesting thing t
:iconsuinia:Suinia 0 0
Scene a Day: 1
SCENE ONE – Scandalous - 30/09/2011
Enter KYLE, Cellphone Rings.
Enter RACHEL on Cellphone.
KYLE is quite scrawny, has medium-length dark-dirty-blond hair and is dressed in a purple hoodie with grey skinny jeans.
RACHEL is a larger girl, with long-straight dark-brown/red hair, dressed in a black sweater with a green shirt underneath as well as as blue jeans.

KYLE: Hello?
RACHEL: Guess what?
KYLE: Who is this?
RACHEL: Who ELSE would it be?
KYLE: Hi Rachel.
RACHEL: Guess what!
KYLE: What…?
RACHEL: No you need to guess.
KYLE: Well I –
RACHEL: Guess what you're doing with me at 6:40?
KYLE: I don't like where this is going…
RACHEL: So you know those directing classes? The 300 level ones? Well I totally just signed us up for those auditions.
KYLE: Wait what…
RACHEL: Where are you by the way?
KYLE: I don't know about this…
RACHEL: Actually I think I see you! Hi!
RACHEL hangs up.
KYLE: Hello? What? Rachel… W
:iconsuinia:Suinia 1 2
Thirteen Dimension: Classes
Thirteenth Dimension Classes
MANIAC -> (Comes before all the to-be-mentioned class trees)
Muse → Contractor → Gatekeeper
        Uses Cards for main hand and off-hand book.
Muse → Mentalist → Malefactor 
        Uses lantern and/or a scythe. (Both are two handed)
Mercenary → Ripper → Shredder 
        Uses large sword and/or large axe. (Both are two handed)
Mercenary → Entertainer → Dancer
        Uses duo-wield sword and/or duo-wield razor fans. (One in main hand one in off hand.)
Scout → Ranger → Pathfinder
        Uses a bow with a variety of different kinds of arrows. (Bow is main-hand arrows are off-hand.)
Scout → Merchant → Tycoon
:iconsuinia:Suinia 0 1
Old Classes
Maniac ---> Contractor ---> Summoner ---> (Gate Keeper / High Roller)
Maniac ---> Spook ---> Necromancer ---> (Mentalist / Malefactor)
Mercenary ---> Trooper ---> Ripper ---> (Harlequin / Shredder)  
Mercenary ---> Gunslinger ---> Sharpshooter ---> (Eagle Eye / Juggernaut)
Steward ---> Surgeon ---> Exorcist ---> (Illuminator / Arch Sage)
Steward ---> Scout ---> Ranger ---> (Naturalist / Path Finder)
Freelance ---> Merchant ---> Tycoon ---> (Entrepreneur / Black Smith)
Freelance ---> Mechanic ---> Engineer ---> (Mechlord  / Tactician)
Description of Final Classes:
Gate Keeper: They're a master at controlling a pet which not only tanks most of the hits from their enemy but which does most of their attacking for them as well.
Unique Ability: Controlling, creating, leveling and upgrading a pet as a main weapon.
High Roller: Someone who plays everything out by the roll of the dice or a flip of a card. Their attacks can range from deadly, to weak, t
:iconsuinia:Suinia 1 2
deviantID: Suinia by Suinia deviantID: Suinia :iconsuinia:Suinia 0 0
All this talk of moving
but never improving.
Everything always as a line –
walk the road because it's mine.
Hills and bumps and scrapes my way,
write it off as yesterday.
I'm stronger now, that was then
but deep inside now and again...
Poison wound, forgotten hurt.
Disregard, try and assert:
it doesn't matter.
Squished flatter.
Thoughts unravelled –
Distance travelled.
Forget to feel –
The lie so real.
Behind you. Without a clue.
Scream inside / Unbroken stride.
Hit the ceiling,
Never healing.
Never feeling.
Never breathing.
So easy to pretend
How superficial.
Much harder to accept:
That child,
That photograph,
Is still you.
No matter how hard you'd like to forget,
It will always be there.
:iconsuinia:Suinia 1 1
Project Seven: Nolz Map by Suinia Project Seven: Nolz Map :iconsuinia:Suinia 0 0
Still Here
We could've been fabulous unicorns together.
:iconsuinia:Suinia 7 1
How he smiled that brilliant smile.
How he laughed and talked awhile.
Those rich blue eyes a glistening sea
Knowing that it's not for me.
Watched from close yet from afar,
A mark that's left much like a scar.
We would be perfect you and me.
Knowing that you'd disagree.
His sweet soft skin his tender grace
Porcelain skin like ivory lace.
His shadowed lashes, dark brown hair.
Knowing that he won't be there.
Fading image, all that's left
Feels just like a precious theft.
Sighing sadly feeling bare
Knowing that we're not a pair.
Knowing that he's not for me.
Knowing that he'd disagree.
Knowing that he won't be there.
Knowing that we're not a pair.
It's just not meant to be.
Despite what I'd decree.
Just one glance was all it took
For you to sink a little hook.
I'm yours a thousand times,
I'd write a thousand lines.
But it never crossed your mind
So I'm left here undefined
Without you.
All that's left is forgetting you.
A painful process I must do.
And instead I write this stupid poem.
:iconsuinia:Suinia 8 8

Random Favourites

Disney Heroes - Prince Eric by davidkawena Disney Heroes - Prince Eric :icondavidkawena:davidkawena 10,618 1,259 Disney Heroes - Prince Phillip by davidkawena Disney Heroes - Prince Phillip :icondavidkawena:davidkawena 7,543 683 Disney Heroes - John Smith by davidkawena Disney Heroes - John Smith :icondavidkawena:davidkawena 7,962 628 Jacco painting by Shiaine Jacco painting :iconshiaine:Shiaine 8 17




So.... It's happening...

So far I've written two or three chapter one versions none of which I particularly like / found some sort of fault with it.

My first inclining was to write it from multiple perspectives. (As in we learn EVERYONE'S story and get a brief introduction of (mostly) EVERYONE)

But I realize that really murders the suspense of 'who are these people' in a 'who-dun-it' - styled horror story.
So now I'm probably going to write it from one person's perspective. (Third person limited omniscient.)
Still toying around with first person, not 100% sure how it'll turn out.

It's kind of a drag because of how interesting I find all of the characters and how much work I put into describing each person's particular situations and how I'll have to figure out when it's appropriate to reveal this information / when it's not... :/ I suppose it can only be a benefit - having complicated characters!

That and I've already gotten rid of an entire love-arc that I had between two characters in order to focus on another one mostly spurred around the fact that I've decided to SWITCH who I thought the -main- character was going to be in the first place. (le gasp)
I'm still not sure I like the reason why I switched main characters... For he was (and still is) gay and I figured that's something less relatable to most people and could serve as a barrier for people 'inhabiting' or 'putting themselves in his place' so I made the switch to having the story told from Emily's instead of Kyle's perspective... Which still has me having an 'ehhh.....' feeling in the pit of my stomach.

There's also the -slight- issue of transitioning from Playwriting to Novel writing and now back to Playwriting.
It's significantly harder than I thought it would be. Very unused to writing so much around dialogue instead of -just- dialogue. Hence why I'll probably have to finesse the style a couple more times before Chapter 1 is where I'll be satisfied with.


In other news I had a complete splash of inspiration from left field for a more fantasy-ish novel.
All I have? An image and a fragment of backstory.

What that'll lead to? Who knows! :)


Evil Cupcake
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Current Residence: Canada
Favourite style of art: Poetry/Playwriting
Operating System: Windows 7/MAC OS X


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